Web Push Notifications: What are they?

Web Push Notifications is a technology that Chrome offers (from version 42), which lets you send messages to users who visited sometime our website, using Google Chrome, even if at the time of sending the web push notification the user is not with the web page open.

It works similar to the Push Notifications on the App, but with the difference of sending messages to our customers browsers. In the case of a PC, the browser should be open (does not have to be on our site) and in the case of Chrome for Android, it doesn't even have to be open, providing a very similar tool as the one given by Apps.

The Web Push Notifications provide a powerful channel of communication with our customers, notifying them in real time about various issues, events, promotions, products, etc., and deriving them in a simple way to our website and / or WebApp.

To send Web Push Notifications is necessary to have a notification server like InnovaPortal (the first CMS in the world to have this technology), which can connect to Google Cloud Messaging Service, who finally delivered the message to the user's browser, as shown in the following figure:

By Gustavo Gretter