Tuy is the first Uruguayan portal of mobile applications, but not only that: also TUY is the Uruguayan application developed exclusively for your cell phone with local content.

In TUY you'll get free products with different characteristics, only exchanging your coins.

You can get the coins free, just by entering each day to the application or playing the games or just inviting your friends to be part of Tuy. These coins can also be used to purchase products FREE from the Shop, such as appliances, movie tickets and you all what you can imagine.

Also you can participate in sweepstakes and more.

The App is based on MobileUI, an open source framework developed by InnovaAge ™, lightweight, optimized for Phonegap, which allows to develop in a fast and simple way Professional Apps, multiplatform, with user interface auto-scale adaptable to various screen sizes. The administration of the content of the App is done through InnovaPortal in a unified architecture with web platform enabling the reuse of labor between the different channels of content distribution.