Development of native Apps, multiplatform, in a simple way using HTML, CSS and Javascript

MobileUI is an open source framework, lightweight and easy to use, optimized for Phonegap and Phonegap Build, which allows to develop in a fast and simple way Professional Apps, corporatives and for electronic goverment, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with user interface auto-scale adaptable to various screen sizes using known technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript

Mobile UI, combined with a set of best practices in the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, in order to encapsulate and solve the main difficulties when developing cross-platform applications.

Key features of MobileUI:

  • Dynamic applications connected to servers
    • Corporatives
    • Electronic Goverment
  • REAL harnessing knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • No substitute models
    • Low learning curve
    • Total freedom in design terms, without conditionings
    • Easy to extend
  • Page transitions
  • Emerging panels
  • Advanced API
    • Apps
    • WebApps
    • Desktop support for Web Systems
  • Designed for Phonegap
  • High performance even in low-end devices

 ¿Why MobileUI?

Other frameworks, such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha or IconicZR, offer fullstack models that attempt to cover many functions and end up hiding the beauty and simplicity of HTML with complex models of substitute objects based on JavaScript, dark css schemes and a rigid UI which difficults designing something different from the precast. Also, the excess of functionality that isn't used, overload the App making it slower and heavy.

MobileUI has a ultra-light design, of high performance, aimed to resolve what it takes to build an App, dealing the differences between devices and platforms, but using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a simple and direct way, such as the one used in a website, causing a REAL reuse of knowledge in these technologies and a low learning curve.

This model little intrusive also helps the construction of dynamic Apps based on Ajax and WebSockets characteristics of ambits like corporations or electronic government


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