Create an application

To create a new application download the file of the corresponding selected template.

Unzip the file and you will get the following structure as the picture shows, Figure 1, which is optimized for PhoneGap Build

Estructura de MobileUI

Figure 1

Proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Edit the index.html file, adding pages, panels and personal items, according to the instructions given in the User Guide.

  2. Set the style sheet by modifying the custom/custom.css file.

  3. Enter your JavaScript code in the custom/custom.js file. You can combine MobileUI API with PhoneGap plugins, so like all JavaScript standars.

  4. Place your pictures, sounds, and others in the suggested folders.

  5. Add in config.xml file the pluginsfeatures and preferences of PhoneGap Build.

  6. Personalize all pgbomit directory images (phonegap build omit), by simply modifying the existing one. MobileUI facilitates formats and sizes!

  7. Pack everything again into a file and use Phonegap Build to compile.


Important note:

Avoid modifying files mui.min.css and mui.min.js, to ensure compatibility with future updates. In case the change of any JavaScript or Css style method of these files is required, overwrite them in custom.js or custom.css.


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