Notarial Social Security Fund

The application of Notarial Social Security Fund (Uruguay) intended for their members, provides news about this organism and practical information on procedures and benefits. It allows contact with the Fund. The user must access by username and password provided by the Institute (the same as its affiliates use to access to the institution website).

Notarial Social Security Fund aims to provide coverage of the disability, old age, survival and health contingencies of their members and provide them complementary social security services through a solidarity self-management model with an honorary address, funded solely by contributions from its affiliates and investment income, administered with efficiency criteria in management and sustainability benefits, under the law and under state supervision.

The App was developed using mobileui, an open source framework created by InnovaAge for the implementations of multiplatform mobile applications with autoscaling user interface, adaptable to various screen sizes. The App content administration is done through Innovaportal in a unified architecture with the web platform, enabling the work reuse between differents distribution channels